Core Services:

Cultural Heritage Due Diligence Assessments

A Due Diligence assessment is a review of legislated heritage requirements for a proposed development, and would take into account a review of recorded sites in the area, previous works undertaken, and historical and current site conditions to provide the client with guidance on what steps to take in order to achieve planning compliance for their project.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP)

Under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006, a proposed development may require an approved Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) as part of the approval process. We can prepare a Cultural Heritage Management Plan for your development that meets the requirements of this Act, including all background research, fieldwork, and consultation with the relevant Aboriginal community groups.

Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Tests (PAHT)

Under the changes made to the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 in August 2016, the Preliminary Aboriginal Heritage Test (PAHT)  process was introduced as a voluntary option for developers who are seeking formal determination of the level of Cultural Heritage investigation required for their development as part of the planning approval process. Pragmatic Cultural Heritage Services can prepare such a document for you, including all required research and liaison with Aboriginal Victoria (AV).

Historical Cultural Heritage Assessments

Pragmatic Cultural Heritage Services can provide background research, field survey and archaeological excavation for Historical Cultural Heritage, as well as post-excavation analysis of finds and liaison with appropriate government bodies including relevant consent and permit applications. This can be conducted to meet the requirements of the relevant local heritage legislation, such as the Victorian Heritage Act 2017 and Tasmanian Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995.

Additional Services:

  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Archaeological Salvage Excavation
  • Archaeological Excavation Expertise as a sub-consultant
  • Cultural Heritage Awareness Training (Inductions)
  • Production of Significance Assessments
  • Production of Archaeological Method Statements
  • Historical Research
  • Historical Archaeological Permit and Consent Applications

From our experience we understand that each project is different, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist you.

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