We’re now over one-third of the way into 2018 (where has the time gone?!) and it has been another few busy months for Pragmatic  Cultural Heritage Services since the last update at the start of the year. 2018 has so far seen us complete several projects in the Melbourne area, as well as others as far afield as Mildura on the River Murray, with CHMPs, PAHTs, salvage excavations, re-burial of artefacts and provision of advice letters providing the bulk of our workload.

The next several months, however, will see a complete change of pace for the business, with Ashley engaged to provide assistance with historical archaeological fieldwork for a major infrastructure project in the Melbourne CBD. While this provide Ashley with the opportunity to utilise his strong field expertise, it will mean that he will have limited time to work on any other projects until the conclusion of these works later in 2018; at this stage, this is likely to be until September at earliest.

So while this will mean we may not be able to complete the cultural heritage requirements of your project for you, please do not hesitate to contact us if your project requires assistance with cultural heritage management matters – if we can’t help you within your project timelines, we can at very least get you started and pointed in the right direction to do so.

“Worked to a very tight timeframe, would definitely use Pragmatic Cultural Heritage Services again”

                         – Client testimonial