We certainly live in interesting times….

As with the rest of the world the impacts of COVID-19 have certainly been felt here at Pragmatic Cultural Heritage Services, with the requirements of social distancing having necessitated changes to the way we operate both inside – and more significantly outside – of the office. As with much of the industry we have adapted rapidly to this ‘new normal’, and can safely say we are operating as effectively as possible within the framework in place for cultural heritage management work here in Victoria. There have obviously been some changes required to the way we go about fieldwork and undertake meetings, however the majority of our day-to-day operations have not been affected significantly and we are continuing to work on our exiting workload and (as ever!) seeking new projects to assist with.

Regardless of how this is affecting our business operations, what is most important to us as at Pragmatic at the moment is the health and safety of our clients, colleagues, family and friends – stay safe, we’ll all get through this if we keep on working together.

“Worked to a very tight timeframe, would definitely use Pragmatic Cultural Heritage Services again”

                         – Client testimonial