Pragmatic Cultural Heritage Services has undergone a few changes in the last couple of months in response to moving office location, which have now finally all come on line! As of 10 April 2017, the postal address for the business has changed to PO Box 1, Selby VIC 3160, so if you need to send something to us please check the address before you do so as our former PO Box has now been closed. We have also got our office telephone system up and running, so please call on (03) 8782 6090 if you would like to discuss your project with us (of course, the old mobile number is still active as well if you need to contact Ashley urgently).

Pragmatic will now have a short period where Ashley will be out of the office for much of the time on fieldwork; firstly, between 13 and 19 April 2017 he will be interstate (although will be able to check emails and phone messages if needed), which will be followed by another remote Papua New Guinea adventure with Unrecovered War Casualties between 22 April and 4 May, where access to telecommunications will be limited. We appreciate your patience over the next few weeks, and rest assured – if he can’t do so earlier, Ashley will deal with any queries you may have immediately upon his return in early May.

“Worked to a very tight timeframe, would definitely use Pragmatic Cultural Heritage Services again”

                         – Client testimonial